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  • A full and detailed analysis of your current situation

  • Gap analysis and clear change roadmap

  • Enhancement or creation of frameworks, policies and processes

  • Enhance the execution of the Cyber Security strategy

  • Deliver a cyber-culture transformation

  • Protect and enhance reputation and brand value

  • Build competitive advantage through developing better and more secure information assets

  • Increase productivity through the secure management of information through its lifecycle

  • Reduce financial losses related to cyber-attacks, such as fines, litigation costs, and reduced insurance premiums

  • Drive revenue increases by being seen as a secure, safe supply chain partner

“We enable you to engage specialists to help overcome your challenges without the worry”


For the past 15 years, Lysis Financial has helped businesses reduce their operational losses, reduce the cost of borrowing (through enhanced credit ratings), and free up regulatory capital. Lysis embeds a risk-based strategic approach into its projects and operational decision-making, enabling our clients to be assured of sustainable success.