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Lysis’ Programme Management and Project Portfolio Governance services provide:

  • Portfolio and Programme Governance
    • Benefits-oriented delivery
    • Steering Committee management
    • Programme design authority
    • Programme budget management and reporting
    • Senior stakeholder management
  • Operations and IT change management
    • Embedding tangible, workable change in to the business operation
    • Delivery of tangible business benefit on the ground
  • Programme management
    • Programme planning using a practical mix of waterfall and agile techniques.
    • Management and execution of multiple linked projects ensuring that all team members are fully aware of their duties and managed to ensure progress.
    • Senior stakeholder management and reporting.
  • Project management
    • Planning, management and execution of a single project
  • Project management office (PMO)
    • Project administration and reporting

Our approach

  • Our focus on the delivery of benefits to the business (in addition to the achievement of pre-determined project tasks and the control of risk) enables us to work with you to deliver complex programmes in the context of changing business pressures.
  • A key feature of our programme / project methodology is to divide delivery into short step-change improvements, enabling us to deliver a regular stream of targeted, visible benefits to the business whilst also retaining the flexibility to adjust future-steps as the environment changes.
  • We use intuitive, graphical tools to track and report on the achievement of project milestones and deliverables, the management of project risks and the delivery of project benefits.