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Our regulatory rules mapping delivers clearly defined, tangible results with a known duration and cost.

Beginning with an initial discovery phase, we work with you, understand and identify the gaps before setting out the steps to build the necessary capability and embedded process for permanent, long-term success.

Each phase is structured to meet key milestones and deliver specified outcomes. Our set programme reduces your risk by removing the open ended doubt that surrounds so many traditional consultancy engagements, which can leave you with little more than a set of questions and a large bill.

Choosing Lysis, you engage specialists to help overcome your challenges without the worry of loosely defined and open-ended contracts.

“We enable you to engage specialists to help overcome your challenges without the worry”


For the past 15 years, Lysis Financial has helped businesses reduce their operational losses, reduce the cost of borrowing (through enhanced credit ratings), and free up regulatory capital. Lysis embeds a risk-based strategic approach into its projects and operational decision-making, enabling our clients to be assured of sustainable success.