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Wendy is COO of Lysis Operations, and a successful Operations Change Manager specialising in Operations and Regulatory Change Management. She has over 10 years’ experience in the financial services industry with investment banks in London including RBS, ING, Bear Sterns and Deutsche Bank, and has extensive experience of complex bank integration projects and global regulatory and compliance driven change operations.

Wendy supported the development of harmonised global AML policies following the largest ever cross-border banking merger, and managed the development and global implementation of those policies within a world-wide Client On-boarding system. She was also responsible for the global implementation of Banking Secrecy and Data Security regulations across 40 locations for a major international bank, and was instrumental in the development of global procedures and the embedding of these rules within the Bank’s global KYC systems.

Wendy joined Lysis in December 2010 and is qualified as a Bachelor of Law.